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Phenomics Course Greece, December 1th - 5th 2014

Master Course Plant Phenomics

DPPN organized and taught a one week winterschool about Phenomics at the Mediterranean Agriculture Institute of Chania (MAICH) from 1 to 5 December 2014. The course was part of the one year Horticulture, Genetics and Biotechnology program for advanced master’s course students organized by MAICH „INTERNATIONAL MASTERS GENETICS & BIOTECHNOLOGY in HORTICULTURE”. The participants of this course are coming from the fields of agricultural sciences, biology, agricultural engineering, chemistry, genetics, biotechnology etc. In addition to the 17 students who participated and were enrolled in this one year course, 4 students came from Cyprus, specifically for the Phenomics course. The students from MAICH came from Greece, Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Armenia, Tunisia and Spain

Phenomics Kurs Greece 2014

Phenomics Kurs Greece 2014

The lectures and practica were taught by drs D.Fanourakis, F.Fiorani, O.Muller and H.Poorter covering topics such as plant growth analysis and plant phenotyping techniques. For the practica MAICH prepared tomato plants at different growth conditions; 2 salt concentrations, shade, water stress and low and high nutrients. These plants were “phenotyped” by the students and the results were presented by the students in a final oral presentation.
The students from MAICH had to take an exam in January 2015 about the Phenomics course in which questions were prepared and checked by the DPPN teachers. The feed-back received by the students at the end of the course was very positive and concentrated on the advantage of having the possibility to discuss with the teachers as well as the significant stimulation of having multiple teachers who interacted among themselves.

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